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New to Farming or Ranching?

Farm and ranch operations require business management skills, ongoing training and education, and safety awareness. We help farmers, ranchers, foresters, and other agricultural professionals manage economically viable, ecologically sound, and socially responsible businesses.

Farmers require ongoing education to stay aware of fast-moving developments in technology, science, business management, and various other skills and fields that affect agricultural operations. Our initiatives increase farmers’ knowledge in these areas and help them adopt practices that are profitable, environmentally sound, and contribute to the quality of life.

Importance of Farmer Education

Farmers — beginning and experienced — are critical to creating rural prosperity in the United States. However, farmers face unique challenges and require education and training to ensure their success.

Training helps farmers to incorporate the latest scientific advances and technology tools into their daily operations. The results of enhancing their operations with these tools increases efficiency and can also lead to:

  • Less harm to the environment
  • Reduced food contamination
  • Reduction of the need for water and chemicals for crops
  • Increased profits

Choose the Best for Your Farming Business!

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