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Are organic strawberry plants better?

Our ecologists, food chemists, soil scientists, and other experts analyzed various factors before concluding that the organic berries — and the dirt they were raised in — were superior. The organic strawberries had higher concentrations of antioxidants and vitamin C and survived longer without rotting.

US AgriScience’s On-farm research is the application of proven research methods to actual farms and ranches. It is a way growers can increase crop productivity and profitability by discovering answers to important questions about the benefits of using research grants offered by many Government Agencies to help provide the financial resources to help your farms prosper in the future.

“Organic farming is more economically sustainable than conventional farming. Organic farming is more socially sustainable than conventional farming. Organic certification should include social standards. Organic farming is less patriarchal than conventional farming.”

“Organic agriculture is a holistic production management system that promotes and enhances agro-ecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biological activity. It emphasizes the use of management practices in preference to using off-farm inputs, considering that regional conditions require locally adapted systems. This is accomplished by using, where possible, agronomic, biological, and mechanical methods, as opposed to synthetic materials, to fulfill any specific function within the system.”

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