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US AgriScience Services, brings together farmer groups, collectives, research institutions, development organizations, and other relevant stakeholders in a co-created process of sharing and building knowledge through grant acquisitions from Federal, State and regional opportunities.

Eco Farms Worldwide
Education 80%
Grant Acquisition
Research 75%
Equipment Needs
Modernizing Equipment 90%
Food Safety
Testing 98%
Jonathan Adam Barash

US AgriScience’s On-farm research is the application of proven research methods to actual farms and ranches. It is a way growers can increase crop productivity and profitability by discovering answers to important questions about the benefits of using research grants offered by many Government Agencies to help provide the financial resources to help your farms prosper in the future.

Jonathan Adam Barash

USAgriScience Advisory Board
Natalie Jones

“USAgriscience is the right thing at the right time. Those of us who understand that we have to start doing things differently and are brave enough to actually start doing it differently, need a forum whereby we can support each other and learn from each other.”

Natalie Jones

Briana Woods

We have a lot of solutions in agriculture, and how do we best use those. How do we maximize the solutions we have. How do we maximize—put the tools into the farmers hands.

Briana Woods

Farmer's Association - Southern District

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New York, Colorado, California, Vermont, Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin

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