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Collective Grant Researching Agriculture that works for both our futures!

Agricultural Services

We are your Grant partner in the development and maintenance of your agriculture, animal systems, food safety, natural resources, and other unique food sources…

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Learn More About Future Farming

Research and development of new varieties and technologies to mitigate animal/plant diseases and increase productivity, sustainability, and product quality and safety. our research supports America’s farmers and ranchers in their work to produce a safe and abundant food supply with proper consideration for future climate issues.
  • Sustainable Systems
  • Enhance Crop and Animal Health
  • Developing the Resilience
  • Sustaining Agricultural Trade Surpluses
  • How to Feed Growing Populations
Green Farming

High-Quality Organic
Products for Farming

Organic farmers understand that what you put into the soil has a profound impact on what you get out of it. That is why they rely on such practices as hand weeding, mechanical control, mulches, cover crops, crop rotation and dense planting, rather than toxic and persistent pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, to enrich the soil in which they grow their crops.

What We Do

It all starts with practices to help build healthy soils, which nurture the plants and help decrease the incidence of plant disease.

The Opportunities

Join the fight and the challenges facing agriculture, natural resources, and conservation with our research opportunities for farmers and students.

what we do

We Test Agriculture for All Appetites & Tastes

From routine analytical testing to special projects, our technical and customer service staff will work with you to choose the appropriate tests, methods, and frequencies best suited to your specific farming and food needs.

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Learn More About Farming as a Process

  • A new farm or ranch business relies on good planning.
  • We can guide you to resources for your business plan.
  • We can also provide free technical assistance and help you develop a conservation plan for your land.
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Sell Organic Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from the Field!

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